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Could They Benefit From One To One Bespoke Mentoring?
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I have been a practising mentor in schools and pupil referral units in and around South London for the past 15 years, I started mentoring young people in Lewisham before mentoring in Southwark and and various other South London boroughs. I became very effective mentoring young people in Lewisham due to my knowledge of the deep gang roots and rivaries of local gangs and gangs from boroughs such as Lambeth and bordering areas such as Southwark. Over this 15 year period I have developed strong working relationships with other effective mentors who share good practice in order to better the outcomes and impact.
In the last 5yrs my work has led me to coaching young people in Hounslow where I started an outreach programme, then on to Waltham Forest Burnside PRU where I built a recording studio where we would mentor through music.

GeeStar Mentoring was founded to help combat the rising levels of violence amongst young people due to gang affiliation, and those not affiliated to gangs but who are victims of gang activity.
We operate in schools colleges and pupil referral units mainly, as many young people can’t talk about their fears to other gang members for fear of looking soft, most hard to reach non gang members won’t engage with parents at home but both groups tend to display their emotional difficulties in school colleges or other places of learning. Strong mentoring and coaching bonds forged in a students place of learning can start to alter the feeling towards attending and attitudes towards education school and life in general.

We are very experienced in helping young people who have experienced difficulties with :

  • Stress
  • Relationships
  • Gang Association
  • Studying
  • Depression
  • Home Life

We at GeeStar work with young people/adults on an open-ended basis or for an agreed time period, with the aim of enabling them to enhance their lives and to live them to the fullest. We work alongside schools and colleges following the same strict codes of conduct to ensure we provide coaching in a safe,non-judgemental environment.

Where We Operate

We are based in the borough of Lewisham in South London but undertake work London wide ... We have worked with young people in Southwark .. Lambeth .. Hounslow .. Lewisham .. Waltham Forest ... to name a few.

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